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History and Cultural Studies: Primary vs sources that are secondary | Pelones Peleones
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History and Cultural Studies: Primary vs sources that are secondary

History and Cultural Studies: Primary vs sources that are secondary

Main sources

A source that is primary a document or record containing first-hand information or initial information on a subject. russian brides us asianbrides Primary sources tend to be developed during the time of a conference, but can also be recorded at a later time (e.g. memoirs or interviews). Main sources offer insights into just exactly exactly how individuals see their globe at a time that is particular.

You will need to evaluate sources that are primary precision, authenticity, bias and effectiveness.


  • Sound tracks
  • Artworks
  • Court public records
  • Diaries
  • Drawings
  • Movie footage
  • federal Government documents
  • Interviews
  • Newsprint clippings
  • Original manuscripts
  • Photographs
  • Poetry
  • Posters
  • Songs and sheet music
  • Speeches

Understand that main sources in many cases are reproduced in guide format – but they are nevertheless regarded as a main supply.

Supply: Reitz, JM 2004, on the web dictionary for information and library technology, Libraries Unlimited, Westport, Conn.

They are a couple of samples of primary sources through the colletion. There are lots of more!

Access full text on the web by selecting these links:

To find out more, see:

Can a supply be both main and additional?

Making use of a supply with its proper context is exactly what determines its designation as a main or additional supply.

Sporadically a supply or document may act as a secondary supply for just one topic and also as a main supply for the next subject that is altogether different.

The Prince, published in 1513, is an important secondary source for any study of the various Renaissance princes in the Medici family; but the same book is also a primary source for the political thought that was characteristic of the sixteenth century because it reflects the attitudes of a person living in the 1500s for example: Niccolo Machiavelli’s.

Supply: Craver, KW 1999, making use of online main Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills of all time, Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated, Westport.

Additional sources

Any posted or unpublished work that is certainly one action taken off the initial supply (or occasion under review). a additional source frequently defines, summarises, analyses, evaluates, interprets or reviews main supply materials.

Keep in mind that authors of additional sources can use source that is primary to persuade visitors to aid their arguments about a conference and its own meaning.


  • Biographical or historical studies
  • Critical analyses
  • Dictionaries
  • Documentaries
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Journal articles
  • Reviews
  • 2nd individual account
  • Textbooks

Supply: Reitz, JM 2004, on line dictionary for library and information science, Libraries Unlimited, Westport, Conn.

They are a couple of types of additional sources through the colletion. There are lots of more!

Access full text on line by selecting these links:

Tertiary sources

A penned work, based completely on additional sources, in place of on initial research involving main papers. Whether a supply is additional or tertiary may be decided by examining the bibliography ( if a person is provided). Another clue is the fact that additional sources are nearly always authored by specialists, but tertiary sources may be published by staff authors who possess a pastime into the subject but they are maybe perhaps not scholars about them.


  • Chapter in a textbook
  • Entry in a reference guide

Supply: Reitz, JM 2004, on line dictionary for library and information technology, Libraries Unlimited, Westport, Conn.

Assessing sources

You will need to evaluate main, secondary and sources that are tertiary precision, bias and effectiveness. All works ought to be viewed through the eyes associated with creator.

Thinking about the after concerns can help figure out the authenticity of this supply, in addition to any present that is bias

  • Whom developed the supply? How can the details are known by them such as for example names, times and times? Were they provide during the occasion? May be the given information centered on individual experience, reports published by other people, or information?
  • Just exactly just How accurate is the source when comparing to others (first-hand and second-hand records)?
  • Just just How trustworthy may be the supply? Has it been modified? Exactly just How and exactly why achieved it endure?
  • Why as soon as had been the origin developed? Why had been it later published? Had been it ever designed for book?
  • What’s the bias into the supply? All documents are biased to some degree. Could be the bias accidental or purposeful?

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